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Kickboxing Classes Birmingham

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If you have been searching the internet for kickboxing classes Birmingham, try Ghost Fighting Central. Our instructor, Ade Armony, has 18 years of experience in the kickboxing industry. He is a black belt kickboxing instructor, first aid qualified and a true professional in every way.

We offer classes designed for all skill levels and goals. If you are a seasoned kickboxer, then Ade can teach you new techniques and skills involved with Ghost Fighting that will make you a better fighter. It will give you an edge on your opponent with a new style and strategy they have not seen before.

If you are looking to get in shape, Ghost Fighting provides an intense workout that will improve your cardio and overall fitness. The Ghost Fighting style focuses on movement with effective striking angles, which keeps you in motion constantly and tests your will to keep going.

While it presents a new physical challenge you may have not experienced before, it is also fun and keeps you focused on learning skills. The mix of boxing and kickboxing techniques in Ghost, keeps it fresh with something new to learn in every class.

Ade Armony is very experienced and knows how to work with participants that have different goals and skill levels. He is patient with those who are new to the sport and understands it can take time to understand the mix of boxing and kickboxing techniques with Ghost. However, if you are looking for serious training, he knows how to be demanding and push you to a new level of performance.

You can end your exhaustive search for kickboxing classes Birmingham and come join the fun at Ghost Fighter Central! We will get you in shape, get you ready for your next fight and have fun doing it.