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Kickboxing for kids

An excellent way to keep your kids active, get them in shape and away from the computer or television for a few hours. offers family-friendly classes that teach the dynamic ghost system, which is a mix of boxing, kickboxing and using elusive angles in your strategy. It is known in the MMA and kickboxing world as one of the most effective strategies available. 


Effective Strategy, Rigorous Workout and Lots of Fun!


Combining these elements not only provides a very effective strategy for them to learn new skills, it also helps build their confidence.


Kickboxing for kids classes are not dangerous and the instructor always takes the time needed to work with students one-on-one if they need extra help or prefer to work at their own pace. 


While getting a great workout is important, Ghost Fighter Central also ensures that we offer a family friendly environment that stays light, fun and keeps kids interested. 

Kids kickboxing classes are every Saturday from 10am 

St Paul's Church

Great Barr

B42 1ES


If you are looking for something a little different and want an activity that will keep the whole family in shape, then give kickboxing for kids a try at Classes are available at several different times during the week and families are always welcome to join in on the fun. You can see more information about ghost fighting and kickboxing classes at 


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