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Are you ready for a new challenge? Choosing the right boxing gym is always a difficult decision to ensure you find the right fit. Let's face it, many gyms offer the same thing and there really is not much difference or anything new to learn after a while. Ghost Fighter Central changes all that and offers a new way to train, new skills to learn and a completely new way to approach kickboxing and boxing.

Ghost Fighting mixes the best of kickboxing with the best of boxing techniques to offer a brand new style of fighting. It focuses on dynamic striking angles that allow you to strike your opponent, while moving and using your agility to avoid strikes of your opponent. The strategies and drills used while training in Ghost will take your fitness to a new level and make you an even more effective fighter.

Fighters that use Ghost have won titles in virtually all venues of fighting including kickboxing, boxing, Thai and MMA. Ghost Fighting gives you an edge on your opponent, allowing you to minimize the damage and effects of their strikes and maximizing your striking opportunities. You can use Ghost as a primary fighting strategy or as backup plan if all else is failing.

Advantages of the new boxing gym Birmingham Ghost Fighter Central

-An instructor with over 18 years of experience
-Ghost gives serious fighters a plan B hen nothing else is working
-Uses the best of boxing and kickboxing techniques
-Lets you train at your pace the way you want
-Caters to serious Fighters and beginners

If you are looking for a new experience and new skills that will set you apart from all the rest, Ghost Fighter Central can help. If you have any questions, simply contact Ade Armony and he will be glad to help you with anything you need.


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